(I) Individual Refunds.

If a Patron desires to request a refund, the Patron must request the refund from the PROMOTER. If the PROMOTER desires to fulfil the request, the PROMOTER can utilize the Services or contact TicketLinkz to process the refund. TicketLinkz will use commercially reasonable efforts to process refunds issued and requested to be issued by the PROMOTER in a timely manner after the PROMOTER authorizes the issuance of the refunds. TicketLinkz has no responsibility to provide individual refunds which have not been authorized by the PROMOTER in accordance with this provision. In addition, TicketLinkz will NOT issue any refund to a Patron unless and until enough funds for the refund have been received from the PROMOTER.

(II) Cancelled or Rescheduled Events.

No payments shall be made to a PROMOTER from TicketLinkz with respect to any Event that is cancelled (or for which the PROMOTER otherwise authorizes a refund). If an Event is cancelled, a refund shall be issued to Patrons. PROMOTER will be sent an invoice for all Fees due to TicketLinkz for such Event. Upon payment of all such Fees, TicketLinkz will issue a full refund to Patrons. If PROMOTER fails to submit payment to TicketLinkz for its Fees in a timely manner, TicketLinkz will process refunds for the cancelled Event less all applicable Fees and PROMOTER shall thereafter be required to refund the Fees directly to Patrons and TicketLinkz shall have no further liability or obligation. If an event is rescheduled, TicketLinkz will use its sole discretion to determine whether it is considered a cancellation and therefore subject to the refund policy described in this section.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, You acknowledge and agree that, to protect its reputation and the integrity of the Site, TicketLinkz shall have the right (but not the obligation) to force or provide a refund to Patrons of any or all amounts paid for tickets at any time for any reason or no reason, including without limitation if TicketLinkz receives complaints from a substantial number (as determined by TicketLinkz in its sole discretion) of Patrons with respect to a PROMOTER or the applicable Event, or TicketLinkz determines in its sole discretion that the PROMOTER has engaged in any fraudulent activity or made any misrepresentations. TicketLinkz shall have no liability whatsoever to a PROMOTER in connection with or arising from any such decision to force or provide refunds.

Refunds will be for the base price of the ticket only and will not include applicable processing fees for the use of the service.


Exchanges are permitted at the discretion of both the PROMOTER and TicketLinkz. All differences in the value of ticket prices must be honoured before an exchange can occur.