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White Linen presents BAGGAGE CLAIM

September 24, 2023 5:00 PM
September 24, 2023 1:00 AM
Daphne Joseph Hackett Theatre, Barbados   View map

This is a story about self-discovery through travel and healing through love and loss.

This story is about meeting yourself and the way life happens when you’re on an adventure travelling alone during a pandemic to countries you’ve never been to before and don’t speak the language. Twi anyone?

On night 1, we’ll travel across the Mara in Kenya, walk through cemeteries for Day of the Dead in Mexico, explore Egyptian temples, watch sunsets in Cape Town, South Africa and ride on the back of motorcycles on backroads in Ghana. You’ll witness the first live conversation for the podcast, Common Thread as Jessica Mars sits down with guest, Kesia Estwick. They’ll talk about solo travel, grief, sensuality and the truth about their time in Africa together.

On night 2, we get into how after life changes, we often find it difficult to make sense of life and having to start over.We’ll claim and unpack the baggage we carry while learning tools to heal our relationship with the past and ourselves; create new habits in our present and imagine the future we truly want. Grief, love and loss are discussed here. This will be done alongside therapists who share their own stories and insight on the tools that helped them heal themselves and many others.

A note from Jessica Mars:
“The truth is, once you leave, you never come back the same and that’s why the first show is called “Departure”. To arrive somewhere new, you have to leave the place, and sometimes the version of yourself, you are in now. You have a lot of questions, and that’s ok. I found some answers along the way.

We’ll laugh, we’ll connect and we might cry but emotions are energy in motion and the best way is through. I’m doing this because my story is your story or the story of someone you know and if this helps you feel less alone, then it’s worth it. We’ll heal and grow together and showing up is the first step. I’ve told a few love stories and this time I’m telling mine.”



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